About Homeostatic Restoration Therapy™

HRT is a pragmatic way to be well.  With the modern neuroscience of pain, stress, and trauma at its roots, HRT is molded by the wisdom of yoga and esoteric medicine, and ultimately woven together through intuition and experience. Homeostatic Restoration Therapy™ is in its simplest terms, resilience training.  

Homeostasis is the dynamic process our bodies go through to maintain equilibrium. Yet, it is hardly static. It is a dynamic stability, intelligently responding to each and every moment.   It is this living effort by which we infinitely attempt to restore and maintain harmony in the body. The maintenance comes from persistence.  And so while our bodies regulate our glucose and sodium levels, for example, we can actively participate in this process on the level of any dimension of life; be it physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, energetic, anatomical, occupational, etc.  Every breath is another opportunity to try again. HRT teaches you to meet yourself where you are, and help lead yourself where you would like to go.  This is ultimately a therapy by way of self-regulation training.  

HRT teaches you to take care of yourself. You’ll create practices that help establish a baseline or center, and systems to fluidly return to center again and again and again and again.  These systems use tools including but not limited to breath work, meditation, visualization, mantras, cognitive reprogramming, instrument-less biofeedback, energy work, and bodywork.  

Our goals are simply to improve your quality of life and self-regulation, creating integration in life.  This work is for all people in all places of struggle, healing, and curiosity.